Practial Information :

The Sail yacht InVita is docked in the modern harbour of Wemeldinge. The Oosterschelde is within immediate reach, no locks. 
After a short introduction on board of the yacht and an explanation about some basic principles of sailing and mooring, we can leave for our trip. 15 minutes later we are under sail.

The exact address :

Jachthaven Wemeldinge
Sluisplateau 31
4675 RB Wemeldinge

We have sufficient life jackets on board for groups till 8 persons, sailing experience is not a requirement. 

The sailing area is ideal for day trips, there are hardly waves, so there is no risk for sea sickness.

Sailing clothes are not provided. You need to adapt your clothing to the weather circumstances. Better foresee enough warm clothes as water and wind can cool you down quickly.
In case of bad weather circumstances, the trip can be postponed to another date without extra costs.

The catering wishes can be agreed beforehand and will be provided based on our quotation. It is allowed to bring your own lunch, a full installed kitchen is available on board.

Drinks can be provided on board for democratic prices.

Contact us via the contact page and we will answer you in short notice with a personalised offer.

See you soon on the InVita!